UNBOUND by conventions, led by INNOVATION
a refreshing reset to the concept of


Unbound is a proudly South African Brand that wants to create a new equation in the world of cosmetics bringing together luxury and sustainability with the notion of pleasure.
Unbound chooses to Redefine the codes of Beauty and to reframe sustainability as the ultimate beauty luxury.
A philosophy that implies a concept of luxury that makes life more beautiful all while respecting the planet and its people.


Darling is an innovative and lively skincare brand dedicated to changing the conversation around SPF by creating game changing products where high quality, great design and pleasure coexist in harmony with sustainability. Darling is for everyone, every skin type & every skin tone. You can say goodbye to traditional SPF brands, Darling!!!


We believe Beauty is not only a reflection in the mirror, but rather a feeling, an emotion that can inspire and bring happiness and pleasure to everyone’s life.
A fundamental pillar to our approach is the idea that your beauty products should also be objects of design:beautiful designs and high-quality product formulation are a “must” amongst our portfolio of Brands we represent.
We choose to represent Brands that embrace sustainable values and choose to reintroduce craftsmanship into every-day living.