We believe BEAUTY and SCIENCE will save the World.
Love your true SELF, you are a Limited Edition!


Unbound is born from the dream of a woman, an entrepreneur who believes that uniqueness is a value and the variety of human nature is our ultimate treasure.
Unbound was created to remind you that you are beautiful.
It was created for those of you who don’t want to be identified with only one type of aesthetics, for those who want to feel free to be true to themselves, unbound by a stereotypical kind of beauty. Real inclusivity can only be achieved through the appreciation of Individuality.
Unbound is here to remind you to take care of yourself every day in a loving way, to appreciate all those traits that make you unique to the World…above all, you must always remember “You are a Limited Edition!!!”
Unbound brings you Brands and Products to assist you in enhancing your Beauty, appreciating your body, taking care of yourself and making you feel good because it is only when you feel good about yourself that your real beauty will glow.
Unbound believes in Brands and Products whose formulations are safe, relevant, clean, sustainable, and created with an eye for design. We believe that “Beauty and Science will save the world” and that your Beauty products can also “please your eye” and become real objects of design. 
Surrounding yourself with beautiful things makes you feel good and if they are environmentally-conscious they are good for the planet too.
Always remember to believe in yourself and don’t forget to smile, Beautiful!